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We've got your all access pass to outdoor adventure!

Turn off your cell phone, put work on hold, and get ready to hit some serious trails! Join us as our expertly guided tours take you through the vast and rugged wilderness of the Seven Devils Mountains. These notable peaks, located among the natural splendor of Hells Canyon, reach elevations that stretch upward of 7,500 vertical feet. But it doesn't stop there; just below you can feast your eyes upon the rushing currents of the Snake River as it carves the Oregon-Idaho border.

There are several marked and unmarked trails and cleared camping areas throughout the mountainous terrain, so whether you are a seasoned hiker or new to the sport, our hiking trips can be as leisurely or as challenging as you'd like. We offer fully guided hiking adventures, supported hiking excursions and pack trips. Not only can you experience non-stop adventure, it's also a spectacular setting to witness some of Idaho's hallmark wildlife. View, photograph, and admire the bighorn sheep, mule deer, and rainbow trout that are native to the region, absorb the beauty of wildflower-filled meadows and green pine forests, or experience the cascading waterfalls and streams that are fueled by great amounts of melting snow.

Day Hikes:
Half day hike $109 per person
Full day hike $199 per person

Trip Price Includes:
Experienced Guide
Camping Equipment
All Meals

Do you want to experience the full spectrum of outdoor adventure? Add a day of rafting on the Salmon River, or why not try a one-way hike and then meet the jet boat on the Snake River for an exciting ride home.

Each hike includes a private guide, meals, and camp equipment. All trips run June through August, with group discounts available.
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